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How Does The TPD Affect Your Vape Liquid?

People often complain about the TPD and the effect it had on their vape experience. But is it really that bad? Today, we're going to explore some of the things that the TPD has introduced in reference to ejuices. It's important to remember that the TPD was brought in to help protect consumers, not to ruin vape for us. 


So let's look at how the TPD has affected vape juices and whether it's as bad as some people say:


  1. Maximum volume per retail bottle

The TPD has placed restrictions on bottle sizes for E Liquid UK. Retailers are no longer allowed to sell bottles of a greater volume than 10ml. This has been somewhat detrimental to vapours because it means that we pay more per unit than we used to, as we can no longer buy large bottles. 


However, it's not as bad as it seems. First, you can still buy your bottles in bulk. It's just that each individual bolt tool can be no larger than 10 ml.  The 10ml will might be a little bit arbitrary, but it is there to help ensure that if the bottle gets into the wrong hands (i.e.,  a child hand)  that the risk of ingesting reduce our lower then with the larger bottle.



  1. Maximum nicotine strength

E-liquids are no longer allowed to come in straight higher than 20 mg of nicotine per 1 mg of juice.  This is because large doses of nicotine are dangerous. Not only can they affect your heart, but it can also lead to psychological problems, such as anxiety attacks.


The main reason for lowering the nicotine content of juices is simply that it protects people who might accidentally ingest the liquid, such as children and pets.  As a vaper, I don't think it's a bad thing either. It's very easy to fake too much nicotine and end up with heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. That is not a good place to be and some people don't realise the effect that nicotine has on anxiety.


  1. Product testing

I don't understand how anyone could complain about  e-juice manufacturers having to test their products for safety. Perhaps and unscrupulous manufacturer would find this a problem, but for the vast majority of people, and most of you who read this article, product testing for e liquid UK is a good thing. It helps to keep us safe from the potential dangers of poorly controlled chemicals. Certification and product testing show us exactly what it is we are ingesting, that's a good thing.


The regulations around vaping for brought in to help protect vapers from an unregulated market. They were also brought in to help minimise the risk of illness or injury to children and pets. There have been incidences of children getting hold of e-juices and becoming unwell. These rules and regulations aren't there to intimidate, but to keep us safe. 


Yes, it can be annoying, but overall the TPD has been a good thing for vape. It will help to make it more respectable in the eyes of the public.