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Why Do People Buy High Vegetable Glycerine Juices?

If you buy a vape from your local vape shop or online, then you have probably noticed that in recent months, there has been an increase in the popularity of high vegetable glycerine juices.


If you have ever wondered why this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to explore the top reasons why people choose to vape high vegetable glycerine liquid.


By understanding these reasons, you can work out if it is the right thing for you to do too.


Reason 1: It allows them to blow large plumes of vapour

This is without a doubt the most significant reason why people choose to vape high VG e liquid UKVegetable glycerine is Viscose. When you heat it up using a vape coil, for instance, it allows you to produce thicker clouds of vapour.


The density of the clouds that come from a pure vegetable glycerine juice are immense and at least twice as thick as the juices that are diluted with propylene glycol.


If you have ever visited a cloud chasing competition, then you will know just how big these clouds can get. With the right device, you can fog up a room in very little time indeed by vaping with a high VG juice.


Reason 2: It's gentle on the throat

Some people prefer juices that are harsh on the throat whilst other people prefer juices that are gentle on the throat. For the latter type of vaper, the high vegetable glycerine juices are really the only option that you should be looking for. They create a gentle heat at the back of the throat.


Reason 3: They like ultra-sweet juices

Some people, like me, have a particularly Sweet Tooth. This extends to their vape habits. If you have a very sweet tooth, then you will love the 100 VG e liquid UK juices Vegetable glycerine is incredibly sweet and therefore pure VG juices are equally very sweet.


There are also no calories in vape juice (or if there are, they are very few and number). This actually makes Vaping a good thing to do when you're dieting because it can really help satisfy that sweet tooth without you having to eat too much food.



Obviously, it isn't a diet trick but it can help. I wouldn't recommend taking up vaping just for dietary purposes, but if you already vape, and you are on a diet, you might find a high VG juice helpful.


Reason 4: They have an allergy to propylene glycol

Some people are allergic to propylene glycol, which is the other main ingredient in vape. This means that they must only vape juices that do not contain propylene glycol, and pure VG juices are prime examples of the type of juices that they are allowed to vape.


If you experience throat irritation when you vape, then try switching to a high VG juice.


We hope that you have found this article useful and you now understand why high vegetable glycerine juices are so popular amongst vapers.

How to Look After Your Vape Coils

Are you one of those people who’s always burning through their coils? A decent coil should last you a good fortnight and if you're burning through them faster, then you might well be doing something wrong.


In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways you can look after your coils and make them last a little longer. After all, replacement vape coils can be expensive and there’s no point in wasting money if you don’t have to. Hopefully, this article will help you make the most of your coils.



Tip 1: Make Sure You Buy Quality Coils

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you're buying quality coils. If you are buying cheap coils, they will not last very long.


You might think that you're saving money in the short-term by going for the cheaper option, but in general, the cheap options are low quality. Low-quality coils will burn out much faster than high-quality coils, and over the space of a year, you're probably spending more on the cheaper coils.


So make sure you set yourself up well and buy high-quality coils from the start.


Tip 2: Check Your Usage

Sometimes, the way that you vape might be having an influence on the longevity of your coils. If you take big hits and you keep the power button turned on for a long time, this can lead to your coils burning out much faster, and they ordinarily would.


If you’re burning through coils, try to be a little bit more mindful of your vape habit and put less of a strain on your vape device.


Tip 3: Make Sure You're Using the Right Coil for the Device

Different types of vape device require different types of coil. If you are using the wrong coil for your device, you might not be getting a good experience from your vape.


If the Devices to powerful for the coil, it will burn out much faster. For those of you that are unsure about which coil should be going in your vape device, just take it down to your local vape shop and ask them for advice. They will be more than happy to advise you about the correct type of replacement vape coils to use in your device.


Tip 4: Make Sure You're Storing the Device Properly

Coils are quite sensitive, and so is the rest of your fake device. You need to make sure that you're storing it properly and that you are inadvertently causing problems in the way you saw the device. 


 The correct storage of your device, make sure that you keep it in an upright position, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. This will help to ensure that both the device and your coils last a long time.


 We hope that you now have a good idea about how to look after your coils. Looking after your coils can save you money in the long term.

My personal anecdotes: how vaping seemed to improve my health

When it comes to the long-term effects of vaping, we are not privy to the conclusion.  Many health experts believe that vaping is likely to be safer than smoking, but we obviously can't know for sure until people have been vaping long enough to understand and see objectively the long-term consequences.


So, whilst I can't give any indication about the science behind vaping and how it is likely to play out long-term, I can give you my own personal anecdotes on how I feel vaping has helped me.


 A little background

To put some context to things, I need to explain a little bit about who I am. I am an ex-smoker who took up vaping because other nicotine replacement therapies didn't work and I was never able to quit cold turkey. 

So everything I am discussing here is in reference to how I feel since giving up smoking and replacing that habit with a vaping.

These health benefits that I'm about to go through are Irrelevant if you do not smoke. In fact, my personal opinion is that if you do not smoke you should not take up the habit of vaping simply because we don't understand the long-term consequences properly. 

We know that it is likely to be much safer than smoking, but it is probably still more dangerous than not doing anything at all. You certainly won't get the following health benefits from vaping if you've never smoked.


Health Benefit 1: Better Lung Capacity

There is no doubt about it, my health lung capacity has improved relatively dramatically since giving up smoking. For the first year, I was coughing up quite a lot of phlegm as my lungs cleared themselves. With each passing month, I found myself much less out of breath than I previously was, especially when doing cardio workouts.


I found that this is much more pronounced when I vape certain types of juices. For example, one hit wonder e-liquid, which is a high vegetable glycerine juice, feels much gentler on my lungs and some of the higher propylene glycol juices.


High PG juices don't hurt my lungs per se, but they just feel a little harsher and I have become accustomed to.


Health Benefit 2: Better Teeth

It's no secret that smoking causes bad breath. It also affects your gums and Teeth, making them much more susceptible to damage. 


When I smoked, my teeth were relatively yellow and my breath probably wasn't as desirable as I would have liked it to be. Fortunately, there is little to no staining with ejuices, especially if you choose relatively transparent liquids, such as one hit wonder E-Liquid.


My  breath has also improved. However, I would recommend that you make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated because dehydration can cause bad breath even when you vape sweet and minty flavours.


These were the two key benefits that I experienced with my health when I replaced smoking with vaping. If you have problems with either, and you smoke, then I definitely recommend stopping taking up vaping instead. 

How Do You Know If a Vape Shop Is Good?

You might have noticed that there’s been a huge uptick in the number of vape shops in the local highstreets. This has been great for us vapers because it means that there’s plenty of competition in the industry. Competition drives up quality and drives down prices.


However, this is not to say that all vape shops are good. Some are definitely better than others are, and it’s our job as responsible vapers to work out which is worth visiting and which isn’t.


In this article, we are going to help you do this by teaching you about the type of things that make a vape shop good. We hope that you find this article useful and that it helps improve your vape habit.



A Good Vape Shop Has a Good Atmosphere

There is a certain demographic of people that visit vape shops and that can make people feel uncomfortable. They have a sort of hipster/bro vibe and it can feel intimidating. They tend to push certain habits onto people and give the impression that there’s a right and wrong way to vape. There isn’t.


A good shop will make the entire customers feel at ease, not just the cool kids.


The Range of Products Is Good

Some vape shops can walk the walk in every way, but when it comes to actually delivering, they aren’t as good. A decent vape shop knows what its customers want and should stock a wide range of products, including things like Organic e liquid UK.


They should be catering to a broad range of customers, and not just a niche group (although, it’s fine to specialise in a niche).


This doesn't necessarily mean that they should have everything in stock all the time – many shops will run out of one product or the other. However, they will be able to source more for you relatively quickly.


The Employees Have a Good Level of Knowledge

A good shop will have knowledgeable employees who can help you with your habit. There are so many different things that you need to learn and understand about vaping in order to get it right and create a good habit, that knowledgeable employees are invaluable.


They should have a good range of knowledge of vape devices, understanding the difference between sub ohm vaping, coils, resistant, mouth to lung kits, direct lung kits, etc. and they should be able to answer questions for you and show you how to use various devices.


They should also have a good deal of knowledge about the various vape juices available. For example, they’ll be able to explain the difference between organic e liquid UK and vegan e liquid UK. They’ll also have a good understanding of some of the newer type of vape juice, such as CBD oil vape.


If you find a shop that can deliver on all of the above points, then this is a great sign and it means that they are well worth revisiting.

Why Vaping Is Better for You than Smoking Is

There are many scare stories surrounding vape, and as with most of these things, there are grains of truth in what is being said, but it is often twisted and obscured to suit a narrative. This means that the information we gain is often wrong.


Many people (who aren't involved in the industry and who don’t vape) believe that vaping is as bad for people as smoking is. This is not the case, and today, we are going to explain why.


Smoking and Cancer

Have you seen a cigarette or tobacco packet lately? The warnings are horrific! But also true. One of the most common things that you will see on a cigarette packet is “Cigarettes contain more than 700 known carcinogens”. That means that there are 700 chemicals known to cause cancer! That’s utterly ridiculous and incredibly dangerous.


With vape, scientists at University College London, UCL, found that there were far fewer dangerous toxins in vape than there are in cigarettes. This doesn't mean that they are entirely free of harm, but it definitely means that they are literally to be less problematic than smoking, by far.


One way that you might be able to mitigate this further is to reduce the number of ingredients in your vape. For example, by vaping High VG E liquid UK, you remove the propylene glycol. This is not known to have carcinogens, but just reducing the number of chemicals in the vape will help them to be safer.




Vascular System:

Smoking has long since been shown to have an effect on the vascular system. One of the biggest culprits here is nicotine. It’s what we call a “vasoconstrictor” and so it reduces the size of your veins and small capillaries. This makes blood harder to move around the body and you might end up feeling colder than normal. It can also cause erectile dysfunction.


With vape, you can control your nicotine intake much more carefully than with cigarettes, and you can use it quit.


But beyond that, cigarettes contain further chemicals that have a vasoconstrictor effect, which means that the nicotine effect is enhanced. Not good, and easily avoided by switching your cigarettes for vape.


Teeth & Breath:

Finally, if there’s one thing that smoking does, its damage your teeth and mouth. For a start, it makes your teeth yellow. Vaping does not cause yellowing of the teeth. Smoking also causes bad breath, vaping can too, but with vaping, it’s more to do with being dehydrated and so is easily solved. With vaping, it’s to do with drinking more water, but with smoking, it’s all the chemicals affecting the balance of your mouth, leading to the accumulation of bacteria and other unsightly nasties.


We hope that you now have a good understating of some of the reasons why smoking is worse for you than vaping.

Everything You Should Know About Vape Juices as a Beginner

Have you just taken up vaping? Do you want to learn more about vape juices? If so, you should find this article particularly useful. Today, we are going to look at everything that you need to know about vape juices as a beginner.



The Names

One thing that many people find confusing when they first start vaping is that there are so many different names for vape juices. Don't worry, though, because they are all the same thing. They might change in terms of the ratio of each ingredient for all they might omit a particular ingredient, but this has nothing to do with the name.


Here are some of the names that you might hear:


  • vape juice
  • vape liquid
  • E-Liquid
  • e-juice
  • cigarette liquid
  • cigarette juice
  • digital liquid
  • digital juice


They all mean the same thing. There is no difference between the content of the juice according to its name.


Vegetable glycerine

This is the main ingredient in vape and is responsible for creating the vapour cloud.  It is made from vegetable matter, usually palm plants.  It has a sweet flavour and can be quite sticky.  You can buy  organic e liquid UK that contains organic vegetable glycerine.


When people talk about vegetable glycerine, they usually call it VG.


Propylene glycol

This is the second type of main ingredients in vape. It is used in many everyday products, such as toothpaste and cough syrup.  It has been around for at least 100 years and is relatively safe for human consumption. There are some people that have an allergy to propylene glycol. If you're affected, you will have to vape 100% vegetable glycerine juices or 100% aqueous glycerine juices.


Propylene glycol helps to dilute the vegetable glycerine. It is also a nicotine and flavour enhancer because it allows for easier delivery of both ingredients.


When people talk about vegetable glycerine, they usually call it PG.


The ratio between vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol

Most vape juices combine both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in different ratios. Typically juices come in a range of between 70/30 VG/PG and 30/70 VG/PG.


The choice of ratio is a matter of personal preference, so there’s not much to say here. There are a few ways to guess which one you're likely to prefer. For example, if you like to make a lot of vapour, you might prefer a high vegetable glycerine juice. If you like a decent throat hit, then you'll prefer a high propylene glycol juice. You might also want to choose an organic e liquid UK if you're concerned about the content of the juice.


Choosing the nicotine content

Again, nicotine is a personal preference. However, you need to start with the lowest amount you think you need. This is to help prevent you from developing a stronger addiction to the nicotine. Start low, but if you still crave cigarettes, then step it up a little.


We hope that you’ve found this useful. If you're interested in buying a new juice, please visit https://vapegreen.co.uk/.

Why Do All The Ejuices Contain Vegetable Glycerine?

Have you ever noticed that you can buy 100% VG juices, but you can never buy 100% propylene glycol juices? If you've been wondering why, then you should find this article interesting because today, we are going to explore the various reasons why we use vegetable glycerine when we manufacture Ejuices in the UK.


First, it's probably important that you understand what vegetable glycerine actually is. If you vape, you really need to understand exactly what it is that you are consuming.  Vegetable glycerine is a vegetable derivative. It is obtained by exerting a lot of pressure on to vegetable matter. This then releases the liquid from within the vegetables, which is then concentrated using a heat source. The result is vegetable glycerine.


Vegetable glycerine is a very important ingredient in vape juices. In the vast majority of juices, it is the most prevalent ingredient.  The primary reason for this is that it allows us to create the Vapour clouds, which is the main aim of Vaping.  If a juice does not contain vegetable glycerine, you won't be able to make the thick Vapour clouds and so it will not feel as if you're Vaping.


When vegetable glycerine is heated up, it causes the juice to evaporate. The evaporation is comprised of thick gases, which we then inhale. Propylene glycol, the other main ingredient in vape juices, does produce some vapour, but it is nothing like the Vapour produced by vegetable glycerine.  The biggest vapour clouds that you can make come from 100 VG E Liquid.


There are other products that would be able to create the thick vapour clouds as well, but they are not as well researched or known as vegetable glycerine is. Vegetable glycerine is an ingredient in many different products and humans have been using it for decades. This means that the safety record of vegetable glycerine is well known and well recognised. 


Other potential candidates are not as well-known and the long-term consequences of using such ingredients are unknown. For this reason, vegetable glycerine is the ideal Choice for use in vapour juices.


In terms of the flavour of vegetable glycerine, it is very sweet. Because the vast majority of people enjoy sweet flavours and have a sweet tooth, it further cements vegetable glycerine as the first ingredient of choice for use in vape juices. Some people can find it a little bit too sweet, but they just dilute it with distilled water or propylene glycol. This reduces the sweetness, but still enables you to create thick vapour clouds.


 Whilst vegetable glycerine is not the best flavour or nicotine carrier, it still carries them fairly well. This means that vegetable glycerine allows you to get a decent hit of nicotine every time you vape (as long as your juice contains nicotine that is, some 100 VG e liquid does not). It also means that the flavour of the juice, so the food flavouring that is added to the juice, is easy to taste. Propylene glycol is a better flavour and nicotine carrier, and so it is often used in vape juices. However, it isn't always used because vegetable glycerine is adequate for purpose.



Are you interested in buying a new vape juice? If you are, please visit https://vapegreen.co.uk/.

Troubleshooting Of Flavours With Your Vape Juice

Within the vaping community, it's common for people to experience issues with the way that their juices taste.  You might have been happily vaping as used for the past 6 months and then suddenly realise that it's tastes bizarre and that it doesn't taste the same as that used to. 


If this has been an issue for you, then you should find this article useful because we are going to look at some of the reasons why your juice might change flavour, or appears change flavour.


You've developed vaper's tongue

Taking the example mentioned above, if you have been vaping the same juice for 6 months and it's started to taste funny, you may have developed vaper's tongue.


Our taste buds pop round to pick up flavours that are unusual and different.  From an evolutionary perspective, this has ensure that we have consumed a wide and varied diet (although try telling my toddler son that!).  Over time, if you're always vaping the same flavour, your taste buds will become accustomed to the flavour and will stop being a sensitive to it. This will give you the impression that the juices change flavour when it hasn't in actuality.


To address this issue, all you need to do is swap out your flavour for a few weeks. When you come back to the old flavour, it should taste the same.


To avoid the issue happening again in the future, be sure to mix up your flavours regularly.


You need to change your coils

If your juices are starting to taste a little burnt and bitter, then it could be because you need to buy replacement vape coils.  Coils need replacing on a regular basis or they can burn out. As they start to burn out, they pass this burnt flavour onto your juice. When you taste that bitter and burnt flavour, you also taste the degradation of your coils.


Replacement vape coils are cheap and require changing on a regular basis. If you're unsure how often you need to change your coils, take your device to your local vape shop.  They'll be able to tell you the make and model you use and how often they need changing depending on the level of usage they get.


The manufacturer is using different ingredients

Vape juice manufacturers have a habit of changing their recipes from time to time. They do this because they believe that the new recipe is going to sell better, or that it will be cheaper and that their customers won't notice.


Compare your new vape juice bottle to your old vape juice bottle and see if there are any changes.  If there are, contact the manufacturer and give them feedback. It might be something that they're willing to revert. 


If there haven’t been any changes, it can still be worth contacting the manufacturer and asking if there's any reason for the change in flavour. For example, they might have changed supplier for a particular flavour and that makes a difference to how your juice taste.


We hope that these solutions help to address your flavour problems. If you are interested in buying a new vape juice, please visit https://vapegreen.co.uk/57-replacement-vape-coils-tanks-sub-ohm.

Tips and Advice for Choosing a New Vape Juice

When it comes to vaping, half the fun is that you can experiment with many different flavours.  However, was so many different options on the market, it isn't always easy to find the right used for you. Many people find that they waste money to using juices that they simply don't like.



If this sounds familiar, then you need to read this article. Today, we are going to give you some top tips that will help you to make correct decisions when buying your new e-juice.



Tip 1: Make Sure You Know How Much VG You Enjoy


The first thing you're going to want to establish is how much vegetable glycerine you enjoy in your juices.  Vegetable glycerine is the part of the juice that produces the vapour. If you like vaping because you like to create thick paper clouds, then you probably want to vape and Juice that is high in VG.



Another benefit of vegetable glycerine is that it's a soft on your throat. If you dislike a harsh hit at the back of your throat, then you will need to vape a high vegetable glycerine juice.



Finally, if you enjoy sweeter flavours, then high VG juices are the right option for you because they are naturally sweeter than the lower VG juices are. Dinner lady e liquid is a decent brand of vape juice that offers high vegetable glycerine content. Look within this range to see if there are any flavours that you enjoy.



Tip 2:  Make Sure That You Know How Much PG You Enjoy


The other key ingredient in vape is propylene glycol.  This is the part of the juice that acts as a diluent for the vegetable glycerine, making it easier for the juice to move through your device. If you're tired of cleaning your device done, then you need to choose a juice that has a higher PG content.



Juices are considered to have a high PG content if they have more than 20% PG. Conversely, a juice is high in VG if there has more than 70%. This is because PG is stronger than VG.



Some people are allergic to PG. If you find that you develop mouth sores when you vape a PG juice, you might consider avoiding it entirely. This means vaping pure VG juices.  They're harder to find, but they are out there.



Finally, if you enjoy a strong throat hit at the back of your throat, then a high PG juice is the right choice for you because PG is responsible for the throat hit.



Tip 3: Get Down to a Vape Shop and Experiment with Different Flavours


The best place to discover the flavours that you are likely to enjoy it's to get to a vape shop and visit one of their taster bars.  Here, the vape shops will allow you to try a huge range of different flavours so that you can experiment and discover which ones you are most likely to enjoy. 



Are you interested in buying a new vape juice? If you are, please visit https://vapegreen.co.uk/79-dinner-lady-eliquid.


What Is The Best Vape Kit For Beginners?

If you're reading this article and you're new to vape, then you have surely encountered for beginners conundrum:  there are so many kids on the market that it's difficult to work out which one you should be buying.  Well, don't worry because during the course of this article we are going to explain the type of things that you should be looking for from your vape kit as a beginner.



“Keep it simple stupid" – as with most new things in life, keeping things simple in the beginning will help you to get to grips with the process much faster.  The best vape for beginners is going to be one that is simple, straightforward, and easy to use.


Devices that falls into this category are the vape pens. This is very easy. It has a small tank that is easy to fill and all of the coils and wicks are contained within the units in such a way that you don't have to particularly worry about them. They are easy to replace and install. All you have to do is assemble the pen, which is very easy and involves two or three steps.  Once it's assembled and charged, you're ready to go. All you need to do is push the button and Inhale.


Once you've been vaping for a while, you will find that you'll probably want to move on to a larger box mod. However, the vape pens are great in the beginning because they teach you the principles of vaping in an easy and simple manner. This set you up for a better understanding the box mods and sub-ohm vapes.



Because you're new to vape, you don't want to spend too much on your first device. This is because you might accidentally damage it or because you might change your mind about vaping and you don't want to spend too much money on something that doesn't work out.


Stick to the cheaper end of the market initially, and then invest in a more expensive device once you are sure that vaping is the right habit for you.


Buy a specialist beginners kit

Some vape device manufacturers understand that beginner vapours have different concerns and needs to their more established vapers.  For this reason, they create special beginner kits. These beginner kits are probably the best vape for beginners because they are especially tailored and manufactured with you in mind.



Kits such as the Aspire Pockex all in one starter kit are great for beginners. They're cheap, reliable, and they are easy to use.  I would recommend that you spend a little time reviewing beginner kits before investing. You can visit the online e-cigarette forums for help and advice. There are always helpful people online willing to teach you the ropes. The vaping community is particularly friendly.

How Does The TPD Affect Your Vape Liquid?

People often complain about the TPD and the effect it had on their vape experience. But is it really that bad? Today, we're going to explore some of the things that the TPD has introduced in reference to ejuices. It's important to remember that the TPD was brought in to help protect consumers, not to ruin vape for us. 


So let's look at how the TPD has affected vape juices and whether it's as bad as some people say:


  1. Maximum volume per retail bottle

The TPD has placed restrictions on bottle sizes for E Liquid UK. Retailers are no longer allowed to sell bottles of a greater volume than 10ml. This has been somewhat detrimental to vapours because it means that we pay more per unit than we used to, as we can no longer buy large bottles. 


However, it's not as bad as it seems. First, you can still buy your bottles in bulk. It's just that each individual bolt tool can be no larger than 10 ml.  The 10ml will might be a little bit arbitrary, but it is there to help ensure that if the bottle gets into the wrong hands (i.e.,  a child hand)  that the risk of ingesting reduce our lower then with the larger bottle.



  1. Maximum nicotine strength

E-liquids are no longer allowed to come in straight higher than 20 mg of nicotine per 1 mg of juice.  This is because large doses of nicotine are dangerous. Not only can they affect your heart, but it can also lead to psychological problems, such as anxiety attacks.


The main reason for lowering the nicotine content of juices is simply that it protects people who might accidentally ingest the liquid, such as children and pets.  As a vaper, I don't think it's a bad thing either. It's very easy to fake too much nicotine and end up with heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. That is not a good place to be and some people don't realise the effect that nicotine has on anxiety.


  1. Product testing

I don't understand how anyone could complain about  e-juice manufacturers having to test their products for safety. Perhaps and unscrupulous manufacturer would find this a problem, but for the vast majority of people, and most of you who read this article, product testing for e liquid UK is a good thing. It helps to keep us safe from the potential dangers of poorly controlled chemicals. Certification and product testing show us exactly what it is we are ingesting, that's a good thing.


The regulations around vaping for brought in to help protect vapers from an unregulated market. They were also brought in to help minimise the risk of illness or injury to children and pets. There have been incidences of children getting hold of e-juices and becoming unwell. These rules and regulations aren't there to intimidate, but to keep us safe. 


Yes, it can be annoying, but overall the TPD has been a good thing for vape. It will help to make it more respectable in the eyes of the public.