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Troubleshooting Of Flavours With Your Vape Juice

Within the vaping community, it's common for people to experience issues with the way that their juices taste.  You might have been happily vaping as used for the past 6 months and then suddenly realise that it's tastes bizarre and that it doesn't taste the same as that used to. 


If this has been an issue for you, then you should find this article useful because we are going to look at some of the reasons why your juice might change flavour, or appears change flavour.


You've developed vaper's tongue

Taking the example mentioned above, if you have been vaping the same juice for 6 months and it's started to taste funny, you may have developed vaper's tongue.


Our taste buds pop round to pick up flavours that are unusual and different.  From an evolutionary perspective, this has ensure that we have consumed a wide and varied diet (although try telling my toddler son that!).  Over time, if you're always vaping the same flavour, your taste buds will become accustomed to the flavour and will stop being a sensitive to it. This will give you the impression that the juices change flavour when it hasn't in actuality.


To address this issue, all you need to do is swap out your flavour for a few weeks. When you come back to the old flavour, it should taste the same.


To avoid the issue happening again in the future, be sure to mix up your flavours regularly.


You need to change your coils

If your juices are starting to taste a little burnt and bitter, then it could be because you need to buy replacement vape coils.  Coils need replacing on a regular basis or they can burn out. As they start to burn out, they pass this burnt flavour onto your juice. When you taste that bitter and burnt flavour, you also taste the degradation of your coils.


Replacement vape coils are cheap and require changing on a regular basis. If you're unsure how often you need to change your coils, take your device to your local vape shop.  They'll be able to tell you the make and model you use and how often they need changing depending on the level of usage they get.


The manufacturer is using different ingredients

Vape juice manufacturers have a habit of changing their recipes from time to time. They do this because they believe that the new recipe is going to sell better, or that it will be cheaper and that their customers won't notice.


Compare your new vape juice bottle to your old vape juice bottle and see if there are any changes.  If there are, contact the manufacturer and give them feedback. It might be something that they're willing to revert. 


If there haven’t been any changes, it can still be worth contacting the manufacturer and asking if there's any reason for the change in flavour. For example, they might have changed supplier for a particular flavour and that makes a difference to how your juice taste.


We hope that these solutions help to address your flavour problems. If you are interested in buying a new vape juice, please visit https://vapegreen.co.uk/57-replacement-vape-coils-tanks-sub-ohm.