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My personal anecdotes: how vaping seemed to improve my health

When it comes to the long-term effects of vaping, we are not privy to the conclusion.  Many health experts believe that vaping is likely to be safer than smoking, but we obviously can't know for sure until people have been vaping long enough to understand and see objectively the long-term consequences.


So, whilst I can't give any indication about the science behind vaping and how it is likely to play out long-term, I can give you my own personal anecdotes on how I feel vaping has helped me.


 A little background

To put some context to things, I need to explain a little bit about who I am. I am an ex-smoker who took up vaping because other nicotine replacement therapies didn't work and I was never able to quit cold turkey. 

So everything I am discussing here is in reference to how I feel since giving up smoking and replacing that habit with a vaping.

These health benefits that I'm about to go through are Irrelevant if you do not smoke. In fact, my personal opinion is that if you do not smoke you should not take up the habit of vaping simply because we don't understand the long-term consequences properly. 

We know that it is likely to be much safer than smoking, but it is probably still more dangerous than not doing anything at all. You certainly won't get the following health benefits from vaping if you've never smoked.


Health Benefit 1: Better Lung Capacity

There is no doubt about it, my health lung capacity has improved relatively dramatically since giving up smoking. For the first year, I was coughing up quite a lot of phlegm as my lungs cleared themselves. With each passing month, I found myself much less out of breath than I previously was, especially when doing cardio workouts.


I found that this is much more pronounced when I vape certain types of juices. For example, one hit wonder e-liquid, which is a high vegetable glycerine juice, feels much gentler on my lungs and some of the higher propylene glycol juices.


High PG juices don't hurt my lungs per se, but they just feel a little harsher and I have become accustomed to.


Health Benefit 2: Better Teeth

It's no secret that smoking causes bad breath. It also affects your gums and Teeth, making them much more susceptible to damage. 


When I smoked, my teeth were relatively yellow and my breath probably wasn't as desirable as I would have liked it to be. Fortunately, there is little to no staining with ejuices, especially if you choose relatively transparent liquids, such as one hit wonder E-Liquid.


My  breath has also improved. However, I would recommend that you make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated because dehydration can cause bad breath even when you vape sweet and minty flavours.


These were the two key benefits that I experienced with my health when I replaced smoking with vaping. If you have problems with either, and you smoke, then I definitely recommend stopping taking up vaping instead.