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Why Do All The Ejuices Contain Vegetable Glycerine?

Have you ever noticed that you can buy 100% VG juices, but you can never buy 100% propylene glycol juices? If you've been wondering why, then you should find this article interesting because today, we are going to explore the various reasons why we use vegetable glycerine when we manufacture Ejuices in the UK.


First, it's probably important that you understand what vegetable glycerine actually is. If you vape, you really need to understand exactly what it is that you are consuming.  Vegetable glycerine is a vegetable derivative. It is obtained by exerting a lot of pressure on to vegetable matter. This then releases the liquid from within the vegetables, which is then concentrated using a heat source. The result is vegetable glycerine.


Vegetable glycerine is a very important ingredient in vape juices. In the vast majority of juices, it is the most prevalent ingredient.  The primary reason for this is that it allows us to create the Vapour clouds, which is the main aim of Vaping.  If a juice does not contain vegetable glycerine, you won't be able to make the thick Vapour clouds and so it will not feel as if you're Vaping.


When vegetable glycerine is heated up, it causes the juice to evaporate. The evaporation is comprised of thick gases, which we then inhale. Propylene glycol, the other main ingredient in vape juices, does produce some vapour, but it is nothing like the Vapour produced by vegetable glycerine.  The biggest vapour clouds that you can make come from 100 VG E Liquid.


There are other products that would be able to create the thick vapour clouds as well, but they are not as well researched or known as vegetable glycerine is. Vegetable glycerine is an ingredient in many different products and humans have been using it for decades. This means that the safety record of vegetable glycerine is well known and well recognised. 


Other potential candidates are not as well-known and the long-term consequences of using such ingredients are unknown. For this reason, vegetable glycerine is the ideal Choice for use in vapour juices.


In terms of the flavour of vegetable glycerine, it is very sweet. Because the vast majority of people enjoy sweet flavours and have a sweet tooth, it further cements vegetable glycerine as the first ingredient of choice for use in vape juices. Some people can find it a little bit too sweet, but they just dilute it with distilled water or propylene glycol. This reduces the sweetness, but still enables you to create thick vapour clouds.


 Whilst vegetable glycerine is not the best flavour or nicotine carrier, it still carries them fairly well. This means that vegetable glycerine allows you to get a decent hit of nicotine every time you vape (as long as your juice contains nicotine that is, some 100 VG e liquid does not). It also means that the flavour of the juice, so the food flavouring that is added to the juice, is easy to taste. Propylene glycol is a better flavour and nicotine carrier, and so it is often used in vape juices. However, it isn't always used because vegetable glycerine is adequate for purpose.



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