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Why Vaping Is Better for You than Smoking Is

There are many scare stories surrounding vape, and as with most of these things, there are grains of truth in what is being said, but it is often twisted and obscured to suit a narrative. This means that the information we gain is often wrong.


Many people (who aren't involved in the industry and who don’t vape) believe that vaping is as bad for people as smoking is. This is not the case, and today, we are going to explain why.


Smoking and Cancer

Have you seen a cigarette or tobacco packet lately? The warnings are horrific! But also true. One of the most common things that you will see on a cigarette packet is “Cigarettes contain more than 700 known carcinogens”. That means that there are 700 chemicals known to cause cancer! That’s utterly ridiculous and incredibly dangerous.


With vape, scientists at University College London, UCL, found that there were far fewer dangerous toxins in vape than there are in cigarettes. This doesn't mean that they are entirely free of harm, but it definitely means that they are literally to be less problematic than smoking, by far.


One way that you might be able to mitigate this further is to reduce the number of ingredients in your vape. For example, by vaping High VG E liquid UK, you remove the propylene glycol. This is not known to have carcinogens, but just reducing the number of chemicals in the vape will help them to be safer.




Vascular System:

Smoking has long since been shown to have an effect on the vascular system. One of the biggest culprits here is nicotine. It’s what we call a “vasoconstrictor” and so it reduces the size of your veins and small capillaries. This makes blood harder to move around the body and you might end up feeling colder than normal. It can also cause erectile dysfunction.


With vape, you can control your nicotine intake much more carefully than with cigarettes, and you can use it quit.


But beyond that, cigarettes contain further chemicals that have a vasoconstrictor effect, which means that the nicotine effect is enhanced. Not good, and easily avoided by switching your cigarettes for vape.


Teeth & Breath:

Finally, if there’s one thing that smoking does, its damage your teeth and mouth. For a start, it makes your teeth yellow. Vaping does not cause yellowing of the teeth. Smoking also causes bad breath, vaping can too, but with vaping, it’s more to do with being dehydrated and so is easily solved. With vaping, it’s to do with drinking more water, but with smoking, it’s all the chemicals affecting the balance of your mouth, leading to the accumulation of bacteria and other unsightly nasties.


We hope that you now have a good understating of some of the reasons why smoking is worse for you than vaping.