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How to Look After Your Vape Coils

Are you one of those people who’s always burning through their coils? A decent coil should last you a good fortnight and if you're burning through them faster, then you might well be doing something wrong.


In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways you can look after your coils and make them last a little longer. After all, replacement vape coils can be expensive and there’s no point in wasting money if you don’t have to. Hopefully, this article will help you make the most of your coils.



Tip 1: Make Sure You Buy Quality Coils

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you're buying quality coils. If you are buying cheap coils, they will not last very long.


You might think that you're saving money in the short-term by going for the cheaper option, but in general, the cheap options are low quality. Low-quality coils will burn out much faster than high-quality coils, and over the space of a year, you're probably spending more on the cheaper coils.


So make sure you set yourself up well and buy high-quality coils from the start.


Tip 2: Check Your Usage

Sometimes, the way that you vape might be having an influence on the longevity of your coils. If you take big hits and you keep the power button turned on for a long time, this can lead to your coils burning out much faster, and they ordinarily would.


If you’re burning through coils, try to be a little bit more mindful of your vape habit and put less of a strain on your vape device.


Tip 3: Make Sure You're Using the Right Coil for the Device

Different types of vape device require different types of coil. If you are using the wrong coil for your device, you might not be getting a good experience from your vape.


If the Devices to powerful for the coil, it will burn out much faster. For those of you that are unsure about which coil should be going in your vape device, just take it down to your local vape shop and ask them for advice. They will be more than happy to advise you about the correct type of replacement vape coils to use in your device.


Tip 4: Make Sure You're Storing the Device Properly

Coils are quite sensitive, and so is the rest of your fake device. You need to make sure that you're storing it properly and that you are inadvertently causing problems in the way you saw the device. 


 The correct storage of your device, make sure that you keep it in an upright position, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. This will help to ensure that both the device and your coils last a long time.


 We hope that you now have a good idea about how to look after your coils. Looking after your coils can save you money in the long term.